Monday, October 25, 2010

Time's Joel Stein - Misdirected humor

Joel Stein thinks bedbugs are funny, harmless little creatures. He thinks the thought of an infestation is worse than an actual one. In his Time article, Stein makes fun of his wife, who asks him to "strip naked as soon as I walked in the door upon returning from my last business trip, and it was not to have sex."

Ha ha, very funny. Stein goes on to say that his wife drives him crazy when going to a hotel. She once made him switch hotel rooms after she noticed a mosquito bite on her leg. His wife checks for bedbugs, but to Stein, it's just a bunch of misplaced hysteria.

The fact is that bedbugs have spread throughout the world at an alarming rate, an the travel industry is one of the main reasons why. Stein's wife was smart to move the bed and check for bedbugs, and is not crazy for being concerned about them. One bedbug can stealthily hitch a ride home on a suitcase and then cause an infestation in one's home. Let's see how funny that would be, Stein.

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